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About Our Products

All our products are guaranteed new products, directly from manufacturers where we sourced it from oversea; US, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea & China. We ensure all products we carry are believed to be the highest quality. Not only that we ensure our collecting products are not harmful for our health.

Besorom.com aspires to be a multi-brand, multi-product online showroom and stocks an entire range of delightful sex toys right from Vibrators, Dildos and Dongs, Masturbators, Anal Toys, Sex stimulants, Lubricants to butt plugs and Bondage Toys. In the next few months Besorom.com will retail some of the most popular international adult brands such as Playboy, Durex, FleshLight, Dr Johnson, California Exotics and including its own brand under its stable. Besorom.com also stocks Bondage Toys like Hand cuffs, Bling Folds, Leather Bondage kits and many other kinky toys. Every time we source new items according to customer demand.

The company is fully marketing by online through different way. We have no Store, outlet or any display centre. We are depend on local and international courier service like SA Poribahan, Continental, Sundorban, Karatoya, DHL, TNT, FeDex, UPS and others.

Besorom.com aims at changing the way Bangladeshi consumer shops for sex toys and plans to be the first toys for Bangladeshi when it comes to sex toys.

Corporate Responsibility

Global Manufacturing Principles (GMP)

Besorom.com is committed to working with Global Manufacturing Principles (GMP) compliant Adult Toy companies that are committed to responsible manufacturing, assembly and distribution practices. These standards are some of the most detailed and comprehensive in the consumer products industry.

They address a spectrum of issues, including employee health and safety, environmental management and ensuring that employees are treated fairly and with respect.

Environmental Health & Safety Commitment

As a part of this commitment Besorom.com only retails products of companies that integrate environmental concern, health, and safety standards into their business operations and continually improve our environment, focus on health and safety performance throughout the product life cycle of products in order to eliminate pollution to the environment.

Product Safety

As a Sex Toy retailer, we understand the trust customers place in us to ensure the safety of the products we sell.  We take that responsibility very seriously. One of the important parts of our mission is to make sure we sell safe and hygienic adult toys that do not cause irritations or other medical conditions. Care has been taken to ensure that the products we sell are of very high quality especially when it comes to vibrators and electronic sex toys which require additional safety specifications.

At Besororm.com we are serious about safety and quality and are very concerned about how consumers use our products. Our product safety policies are based on our core value of protecting our consumers from unforeseen harm. Toys we retail are all from well established brands and are designed and manufactured to meet or exceed all applicable safety standards from around the world. We have a very strict safety assurance program for all the products we carry. We require that any product we purchase complies with all applicable government and industry laws, codes and requirements.


Besorom.com offers to its shoppers access to the Bangladeshi largest Adult toy store retailing sex toys & accessories of international brands of repute with clear categorization at their fingertips .Besorom.com focuses on the everyday shopper, such as a man/woman searching for the perfect birthday or anniversary gift for his/her other half or a single man/woman hoping to buy a much cherished toy. Besorom.com provides a personalized shopping experience to its customers enhanced by offering reward club points, email reminders, wish list, store credit, refund policy linked to store credit.

Besorom.com offers an unparalleled selection of Sex toys and accessories from renowned brands for men, women and couples for people of all sexual orientations including homosexuals, heterosexuals and lesbians. We do not discriminate based on gender, race, caste, religion and most importantly sexual orientation. Besorom.com has opened up a world of choices for adult toy enthusiasts (including women’s), across all demographic and psychographic segments.